Online Learning Resources

This page contains some helpful tips & tricks for online learners.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

Task Action
Activate the menu bar in programs F10
Close the current window in programs like Word, Excel etc.). CTRL+F4
Close the current window or quit a program ALT+F4
Copy CTRL + C
Cut CTRL + X
Paste CTRL + V
Display Help on the selected dialog os item F1
Display the Start menu CTRL + ESC
Switch to another window by holding down ALT while repeatedly pressing TAB ALT + TAB
Undo CTRL + Z
Open a new window in your browser CTRL + N
Select All CTRL + A

Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac

Task Action
Select All Command + A
Copy   Command + C
Cut Command + X
Paste Command + V
Open Applications Folder Shift + Command + A
Go To Folder Shirft + Command + G
Minimise Window Command + M
Close all Windows Option + Command + W
Switch Application Command + TAB

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