Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I can't log in?

A. Contact 0800 40 80 90 or email

Q. When will I get my certificate?

A. Within 10 working days of passing your course.

Q. How long do I have to complete a course?

A. This depends on the individual course. Each course will provide details of its specific enrolment duration.

Q. Who do I contact if I have problems with my course?

A. Contact your course facilitator first then, if you require further assistance, contact 0800 40 80 90.

Q. Can I use a tablet/iPad to complete the course?

A. Tablets can be used to complete our courses though it may be difficult to view some content detail as well as you might like to. If using a tablet we recommend the Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers be used. A larger screen, such as a laptop or a desktop, will provide a better visual experience.

Last modified: Wednesday, 8 May 2024, 8:01 AM